Cross Reference Search

  ZETTLER MAGNETICS offers the below drop-down menu of other Transformer Manufacturers names to help cross-reference their part numbers and find suggested ZETTLER MAGNETICS equivalents for possible inter-changeability.

NOTE: Because critical parameters such as operating voltage, VA rating, load, frequency, footprint, etc. may differ slightly, a detailed comparison between data sheets should be done before selecting a particular transformer as an exact cross reference. Due to frequent addition, deletion, and revision of its own and competitive transformers, ZETTLER Magnetics cannot guarantee complete accuracy of this list. Questionable interchangeability of products should be referred to ZETTLER Magnetics, Inc. for clarification.

  Alternatively, you may also search by other Manufacturer’s part number

NOTE: When conducting this search, please try entering the first few characters of the part number. This will expand the search scope, and should provide better results.
Also, when typing a part number or partial part number, please take care with placement of spaces, dashes, or slashes as misplacement can cause an unsuccessful search.