Encapsulated Switch-Mode Power Supply Modules: Product Overview

Encapsulated Switch-Mode Power Supply Modules


A series of cost effective and reliable AC-DC power modules with a wide universal input range in a compact, plug & play package. Ideal for a variety of smart energy solutions such as low power lighting controls, audio or thermostat controls and other smart home electronics applications, as well as industrial controls.

For a more comprehensive engineering guide to Zettler Magnetics SMPS Modules
please refer to: https://www.zettlermagnetics.eu/encapsulated-switch-mode-power-modules/product-program/

Why Zettler’s Encapsulated SMPS Modules?

Key Benefits

  • Easy Plug & Play solution for low power applications
  • Long life: MTBF >1 million hours*
  • Compact encapsulated design
  • High Efficiency
  • Customizable

Key Features

  • Universal Input Range 85VAC-305VAC*
  • Wide ambient temperature capability -25℃ to +85℃*, full power output w/o derating
  • Low standby power consumption <0.1W
  • Protection Capability: OVP, OSP, OCP, OPP.
  • Compliance with UL/IEC standards
  • EMC compatible

* Available on HP series

Applications for Encapsulated SMPS Modules

  • Building Automation Control Boards

    • Smart Home applications
    • Wireless switching
    • Lighting Controls (including LED Driver boards)
    • HVAC control boards (including Thermostats)
    • Motorized Blinds & Shades
    • Smart Engery applications
  • White Goods/ Appliances

    • Washing Machines
    • Refrigators
    • Microwaves
    • Coffee machines and other small appliances
  • Test & Measurement Devices

    • Smart Meters
    • Scientific Instruments
    • Smart power outlets/Smart power strips
SMPS apps

High Performance HP Series

HP01/HP02/HP03 Series

  • Output Power: 1W, 2W & 3W available
  • Various output voltages available
  • Extended wide input voltage range: 85VAC-305VAC
  • DC input voltage available as well
  • High operating temperature w/o derating: 85C
  • Compact size: 1W: 33.7mm/22.2mm/15mm, 2W/3W: 37mm/24mm/15mm
  • Long lifetime: MTBF > 1 million hours.
  • UL/VDE Pending

HP01/HP02/HP03 -X Series (zero cross detection)

  • Subset of HP series, Patent Pending
  • Isolated output synchronous to main zero crossing
  • Mains phase, frequency and zero-cross detection and monitoring
  • Suitable to minimize losses in power Thyristor/TRIAC circuits
  • Operating components at zero crossing to extend life and reduce switching power losses
  • Timing applications, A/D converter to mains synchronization
  • Mains dropout detection.
HP series

Performance ZP Series

ZP01/ZP02/ZP03/ZP05/ZP10 Series

  • Output power 1W, 2W, 3W, 5W & 10W available
    • Various output configurations and voltages
      • Wide input voltage range: 85VAC 264VAC
        • Input voltage frequency up to 400Hz
          • High module efficiency of typically > 80%
            • Compact Dimensions and light weight, due to high switching frequency of up to 100kHz
              • Complete set of protection features:
                • output short protection
                • over voltage protection
                • over current protection
                • over power protection
              ZP series

              Links to Data sheets

              Series Datasheet
              1 Watt Mini Series, UL Recognized BP01XXXXXW
              1 Watt Series Single Output ZP01SXX00WE
              1 Watt High Performance Series, UL Pending HP01SXX00WI
              1 Watt High Performance Series with Zero Crossing, UL Pending1 HP01SXX00WI-X
              2 Watt High Performance Series, UL Pending HP02SXX00WJ
              3 Watt High Performance Series, UL Pending HP03SXX00WJ
              3 Watt Series Single Output w/ Fuse, UL Recognized ZP03SXX00WA
              3 Watt Mini Series Single Output w/o Fuse, UL Recognized ZP03SXX00WE
              5 Watt Mini Series Single Output, UL Recognized ZP05SXX00WB
              10 Watt Series Single Output ZP10SXX00W
              10 Watt Mini Series Single Output ZP10SXX00WB

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