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ZETTLER Magnetics high frequency transformer in e-mobility application


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Application Spotlight August 2019

Munich, Germany 20. August 2019 – The progressive development of electromobility drives increasingly advanced requirements on electronic components.

e-mobilityThe expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is becoming increasingly important in all parts of the industrialized world. In addition to “classic” charging stations, manufacturers of charging cables, designed for charging mode 2, register a strong growth in market demand. This type of charging technology is popular not only because of its convenient size, but also because of the flexibility to be able to charge several vehicle types from different manufacturers with the same cable. As simple as the operation and design of the charging cable appears to be, the higher and more complicated are the electronics inside of such charging modules. The dominant component of integrated electronics in this case is the power supply, which is also linked to special requirements such as high power-density and constraints such as low installation space.

transformerA leading manufacturer in charging infrastructure approached ZETTLER Magnetics in need of a high-frequency transformer for its internal power supply (SMPS) to redesign its charging cable. The challenge for the engineers at ZETTLER was to develop a high-efficiency transformer for an extremely high input voltage range of up to 400 VAC in a 3-phase application without neutral conductor. With ZETTLER Magnetics’ custom designed high frequency transformer solution, these requirements were met in a design that provided for the smallest possible space, while also complying with common UL and IEC61558 standards.

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