Electronic components for 400 VAC applications (part 1/2)

Application Spotlight March 2020

Munich, Germany October 17., 2020 – The 400 VAC 3-phase grid is the most common power system found in industrial facilities, directly used to power electric motors or heavy loads such as resistive heating (boilers). Other applications are charging stations for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Higher voltages mean lower current and less copper (great for the heavy loads) but it also means greater spaces between conductors and harder to find components. In Part 1 of this application spotlight, we explore components from ZETTLER Magnetics used in the conversion of 400 VAC to lower voltages. For stepping down 400 VAC to lower AC voltages like 24 VAC commonly used in controls & automation, ZETTLER Magnetics offers a range of standard and custom linear 50/60Hz transformers including:

PCB mount transformers

Chassis mount Class 2 transformers

PCB-transformer Class2-chassistransformer

For conversion to low voltage DC, typically in the range of 5 to 24 VDC, ZETTLER Magnetics also offers:

Custom ferrite transformers

for those designing their own switch-mode power supplies

(Coming soon) AC-DC SMPS module

with an ultrawide 100-480VAC input

Ferritetransformer SMPS

For more information about similar applications and custom solutions, as well as about the comprehensive products from ZETTLER Magnetics please contact:

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